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Bob Scupp k5sep at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 13 19:18:00 EST 2006


Thank you.

I remember some months ago I wrote some comments on
QRZ.COM on the topic about how the ARRL could better
represent it's members and the Amateur Community.
Basically I claimed that even though the League does
not buy and sell it's own stock, every League member
is a shareholder. President Jim Haynie W5JBP noticed
my comments and answered on the topic that the League
in fact does this. He provided a hyperlink as an
example. When I clicked on it, it took me to a site on
the ARRL. All it was a survey on the format of
material entered into QST. That is hardly what I call
an example of the League representing a majority
survey of a major issue facing the League and Amateur
Radio. I chose not to respond to it. Then one amateur
on the QRZ.COM responded to my comments directly. He
stated that since the ARRL does not issue common
stock, that only the Executive Committee, Board of
Directors and higher ups had the right to use their
decision making process even on those issues facing
the League and the Amateur Community. I directly
responded to him on the QRZ.COM that any League member
with an annual subscription or Life membership (like
me for 30 years and previous annual membership since
1969) are "stockholders" as their annual
subscription/Life membership certificate/plaque give
them "vested rights". This just the same as if they
paid per share of ARRL stock. I never got a response
from him. I believe many of the League Board
/Executive Committee, etc. have never shared this
philosophy. Please do not get me wrong as I am sure
some do. But they do not control a major change in
this position.

Needless to say since it is the only national
membership representation of it's kind. I can agree to
disagree and still be an active member in many ways
and support them.

Thanks again Brian.



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