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Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Fri Jan 13 20:00:49 EST 2006

Ok Pete, why didn't the group in Newington notify me that the poll was 
available and how to access it?   An since it is on the web, what about 
people who do not either own or can find it on the web?

This is nothing but an excuse.  The best thing the ARRL has accomplished for 
the general amateur population is their stance against BPL.  That has 
brought some change, but given their stance on Bandwidth, we might all as 
well subscribe to the web and leave radio to others.

73  Jim

Yes Bob, we probably have too many opinions that do not fit.

> I'll dance with him Mark.
> I saw several ways that polling was requested:
> August 10, 2004:
> http://www.arrl.org/announce/bandwidth.html
> And last paragraph in this URL:
> Please read the synopsis of the petition, below, as well as the exact
> rules changes that will be proposed. If you have any questions or
> comments, please direct them to bandwidth at arrl.org. ARRL staff will do
> its best to answer your questions. Comments will be forwarded to your
> ARRL division director. Members are also welcome, as always, to comment
> directly to their own director using the email address listed on page 15
> of any recent issue of QST.
> August 27, 2004
> ARRL Letter:
> http://www.arrl.org/arrlletter/04/0827/
> ARRL Seeks Comment on Draft "Bandwidth" Petition
> See the last paragraph.
> I can probably quote a number of instances in QST Mag. from that time on
> where comments were requested.
> My own Director, through our Division Monthly Newsletter, also requested
> input and comments to the proposal several times.
> Pete, wa2cwa

>> >
>> >
>> > No, you let us know how they did such a great job of polling
>> radio
>> > amateurs instead of side stepping and claiming that they did...
>> >
>> > Where's the beef?
>> >
>> > On 13 Jan 2006 at 15:15, peter markavage wrote:
>> >
>> > > Thanks for the English lesson. Let me know when you have more
>> to
>> > > contribute to my grammar.
>> > > Pete, wa2cwa
>> > >

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