[AMRadio] RE: Recent comments on AM

Bill Ramsey ka8wtk at ohio.net
Fri Jan 13 20:53:43 EST 2006

  I think we are confusing conducting a "poll" with soliciting comments. A
"poll" implies that there will be a numerical "result" that will be revealed
at the end of the poll which shows how many of the population "polled" were
for or against the issue in question.

  The ARRL did NOT conduct a poll.

  The ARRL did solicit comments, as stated else where. However there was no
feedback as to how many folks commented or what the comments involved or any
indication that the ARRL even read or considered what was sent to them.

  My Director solicited comments. In one of his letters he stated the tally
of comments he had received "for" and "against" the proposal. He apparently
did not count mine and two other comments that I know were sent and were
against. It seems we may have been in the group that he said did not
understand the proposal. 


  The bottom line is, whether the ARRL conducted a poll or not is a mute
issue at this time. Let's make our comments to the FCC on RM-11306 so we can
get rid of this nonsense. If you want to try and hammer the ARRL into shape
later, fine.


  Let's STOP RM-11306 NOW!!




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