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Anthony W. DePrato wa4jqs at mikrotec.com
Fri Jan 13 22:20:53 EST 2006

At 06:14 PM 1/13/2006 -0600, you wrote:

>I am a member and have been for several years and have NEVER received a 
>poll question from the ARRL.  Tell me how you rate such treatment?
>73  Jim
i have been a member for over 40 yrs. i had never received a poll from the 
arrl either until i started talking about requesting a recall of my 
director. then i was told to join my state ref and i would hear from my 
director i did he ran me over the coals for bad mouthing the arrl . i told 
him a mouth full also now i get his news letter which he started after the 
recall issue came up. i think summers is wanting to change the recall law 
so we can not call for one anymore. just another bunch of fat cats setting 
in conn. Lets try this next election every division members should vote out 
all those who are running again and vote in all new guys . at least it will 
give old dave a pain in the ass for a while.\
73 Tony wa4jqs

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