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peter markavage manualman at juno.com
Sat Jan 14 02:51:42 EST 2006

On line Dictionary: A survey of the public or of a sample of public
opinion to acquire information.
Webster's (One of several meanings): A questioning or canvassing of
persons, usually selected at random or by quota from various groups, for
obtaining information or opinions, especially to be analyzed.

I will agree, so as not to confuse the masses, that "requested comments"
from members and nonmembers on the proposal probably would have been a
better choice of words than to use something like "they polled their
members" for comments.

Pete, wa2cwa

On Fri, 13 Jan 2006 20:53:43 -0500 "Bill Ramsey" <ka8wtk at ohio.net>
>   I think we are confusing conducting a "poll" with soliciting 
> comments. A
> "poll" implies that there will be a numerical "result" that will be 
> revealed
> at the end of the poll which shows how many of the population 
> "polled" were
> for or against the issue in question.
>   The ARRL did NOT conduct a poll.
>   The ARRL did solicit comments, as stated else where. However there 
> was no
> feedback as to how many folks commented or what the comments 
> involved or any
> indication that the ARRL even read or considered what was sent to 
> them.
>   My Director solicited comments. In one of his letters he stated 
> the tally
> of comments he had received "for" and "against" the proposal. He 
> apparently
> did not count mine and two other comments that I know were sent and 
> were
> against. It seems we may have been in the group that he said did 
> not
> understand the proposal. 
>   The bottom line is, whether the ARRL conducted a poll or not is a 
> mute
> issue at this time. Let's make our comments to the FCC on RM-11306 
> so we can
> get rid of this nonsense. If you want to try and hammer the ARRL 
> into shape
> later, fine.
>   Let's STOP RM-11306 NOW!!
> Bill
> KA8WTK   

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