[AMRadio] RE: Recent comments on AM

w2agn w2agn at pobox.com
Sat Jan 14 09:24:25 EST 2006

peter markavage wrote:

>On line Dictionary: A survey of the public or of a sample of public
>opinion to acquire information.
>Webster's (One of several meanings): A questioning or canvassing of
>persons, usually selected at random or by quota from various groups, for
>obtaining information or opinions, especially to be analyzed.
>I will agree, so as not to confuse the masses, that "requested comments"
>from members and nonmembers on the proposal probably would have been a
>better choice of words than to use something like "they polled their
>members" for comments.
>Pete, wa2cwa
Now this is just a typical ARRL attitude. Note the condescension of the 
phrase "so as not to confuse the masses." It would seem to me that 
neither of the  definitions so patronizingly quoted from the dictionary 
are met by "requesting comments."

W2AGN (one of the masses who is NOT confused, or misled by "ARRL-Speak")

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