[AMRadio] The backroom boys

Larry Will lhwill at verizon.net
Sat Jan 14 12:58:52 EST 2006

Hello all,

Its time to end all this "stuff" on here and get back to 
technology.  The place to make your voice heard whatever your option 
is, is  the FCC formal comment process. HOWEVER, as one who has 
commented in numerous FCC proceedings in other matters, poorly 
written comments or statements not backed up by facts, suggestions 
without ameans of implementation, or just pain ranting makes its way 
into the circular file.  Remember the legal folks at the FCC decide 
what ultimately happens and a lot depends on whether:

1: the commission has to implement a new usually unfunded process 
which rarely happens.

2: the proposal, if implemented, causes the staff more work (NO also).

3: a proposal is contrary to either US law or FCC policy or international law.

4: If this RM becomes a NPRM, there will be two more opportunities to 
comment.  At this point, comments only are used in influencing the 
FCC staff to take the proposal to the next step, i.e. is this 
item  (the term the FCC uses) worth bothering with and spending 
limited internal resources from the FCC's perspective.

Also, we should all remember that ALL federal agencies are under a 
congressional mandate to eliminate all unnecessary regulations even 
though sometimes I wonder if that really happens.

Finally there are federal political forces that often skew 
policy.  BPL comes to mind.
Basically only law and economics matter at the FCC level.  Technology 
in recent years takes a back seat although former Chairman Powell 
hired the first new engineers in a long time.

put your energy in the federal process and not on the reflector - please.

Larry W3LW

At 10:58 AM 1/14/2006, you wrote:
>Pete/CWA knows that the group in Newington did not
>poll its members as to whether the regulatory
>structure needed wholesale change to promote the
>category of "digital" communications.
>As a result, the premise was faulty as their informal
>committee went to work, and the results are just as
>I'll be commenting accordingly, where it counts, at
>the FCC.
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