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Very good point, we should take note at this comment, why should we have
everything dictated to us on the radio bands, there really is enough room
for all, as long as operators don't splatter and cause HARM TO OTHERS, lets
regulate our selves, we are not a bunch of CB'er,
The fighting and splattering of A FEW SSB'ers on the AM windows sounds like
CB operators of the 70's

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Subject: [AMRadio] Web page appears in opposition to RM-11305

> The following web page has appeared, in opposition to RM-11305.
> http://www.w8ji.com/rm-11305.htm
> There is a link off that page that goes to:
> http://www.w8ji.com/supporters.htm

Amazing, isn't it. Americans love to preach about liberty to the rest of the
world, yet American radio amateurs, if W8JI and his ilk are typical, just
LOVE our current "Mommy, may I" system of regulations. The United States is
the ONLY country in the world that still dictates emission subbands by
government fiat...WHY? Ironically, even Castro's Cuba has more lenient
amateur radio regulations than we do, as they do not divide the amateur
bands into subbands determined by emission, bandwidth, or any other
criterion. People like W8JI and his sycophants in Newington remind me of the
nerdy little kid who would always ask the teacher to assign more homework to
the class until he got the living s--t pounded out of him by his classmates.

It's time for US to do that to the "nerdy little kids" in our amateur radio
community, not physically, but legally. If you haven't done so, download
both petitions from the FCC Web site, do a little research (such as
comparing our Part 97 with the amateur radio regulations in other countries,
such as Canada), and write some thorough, carefully thought out comments,
being sure to back up EVERYTHING that you write. Brief comments, such as
"This proposal sucks" or "This proposal is the greatest thing to happen to
ham radio since Marconi sent the letter 's' across the Atlantic" will show
up on the FCC site, but they won't carry much weight. Be sure to have a good
dictionary and a thesaurus at hand, as spelling and grammatical errors make
a very poor impression. Then let's deal with W8JI during the "Reply
Comments" phase of this proceeding.

As Larry (W3LW) states on this reflector, the FCC is under a congressional
mandate promoting deregulation. Let's make our own voices heard in this
matter and persuade the Commission to get rid of the nitpicking subband
regulations that have plagued the Amateur Radio Service for many decades by
filing our comments at the FCC Web site. I did.

Phil K2PG

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