[AMRadio] Coleman Powermate "Cold Heat" Soldering iron review

Jim candela jcandela at prodigy.net
Sun Jan 15 10:05:18 EST 2006

  Hi All,

    I received one of these soldering irons for Christmas. I've long seen
the ads, and wondered if this device would be a useful addition to my ham
shack. They take 3 "AA" batteries, and I had 3 freshly charged 2000 ma / hr
NIMH batteries handy. The device appears to have a graphite split tip such
that no current flows until something conductive is put into the gap. I
tried solder, and had to wiggle it around to make connection, and then yes
it did melt briefly until the blob fell out opening the current path. Next
step was to solder something. I tried to unsolder a wire from a PCB. I had
to change angle to get the connection, and the pad warmed, cooled, warmed,
cooled as I moved the iron to regain the connection. After about 30 seconds,
no more heat...just cold heat I guess. I looked at the tip, and plastic from
the tip mount had melted and filled the gap between the graphite elements.
The tip was shot!

   Right now my Coleman soldering iron is in the trash can alongside my
Tornado fuel saver. %^$^%$*^&^%*$*$

Don't waste your money on this soldering iron...

Jim Candela
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