[AMRadio] Vote on RM-11305

Phil Galasso k2pg at worldnet.att.net
Sun Jan 15 10:51:20 EST 2006

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> Even if all you wish to say is "I oppose RM-11305",
> please do so.

If the United States is the self-styled "land of liberty", why on Earth do
people like you favor continued overregulation of a HOBBY radio service?
RM-11305 is a breath of fresh air for us, offering to free us from the
stifling, nitpicking subband regulations that suffocate innovation and
relegate us Americans to second-class status in the worldwide amateur radio

RM-11306 is the bad one. That's the petition that would simply substitute
one set of nitpicking regulations for another.

Let's get with the IARU band plan for Region 2 and forget about these
ossified, government-mandated band plans. As for the problem of ignorant SSB
ops who like to "step on" the AM window and overzealous contesters...let
Hollingsworth deal with them! We have problems with them now, even with

This issue of overbearing government regulations should especially strike a
chord with people in 4-land. Didn't you guys fight a civil war over 100
years ago over that very issue, as the Confederacy sought to free itself
from an overbearing, overreaching central government in Washington?

Phil Galasso

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