[AMRadio] Coleman Powermate "Cold Heat" Soldering iron review

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Sun Jan 15 10:49:28 EST 2006

Jim the Coleman product is a branded product from those people who advertise 
on cable TV.


My wife thought it would be a good birthday gift so I have one too.  I tried 
it one time and had the same results.  The bad part is they reminded her 
that an optional tip would be best so she bought it.

Cost, $19.95 for the iron, $35 for the optional tip + shipping.  Another 
thing, as you pointed out, it uses electricity flowing through the joint to 
melt the solder.  There are some things I don't want electricity flowing 

I don't know about Coleman, but the Cold Heat people advertise that if you 
are not satisfied they will refund your money.  I am going to check 

73  Jim

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>  Hi All,
>    I received one of these soldering irons for Christmas. I've long seen
> the ads, and wondered if this device would be a useful addition to my ham
> shack. They take 3 "AA" batteries, and I had 3 freshly charged 2000 ma / 
> hr
> NIMH batteries handy. The device appears to have a graphite split tip such
> that no current flows until something conductive is put into the gap. I
> tried solder, and had to wiggle it around to make connection, and then yes
> it did melt briefly until the blob fell out opening the current path. Next
> step was to solder something. I tried to unsolder a wire from a PCB. I had
> to change angle to get the connection, and the pad warmed, cooled, warmed,
> cooled as I moved the iron to regain the connection. After about 30 
> seconds,
> no more heat...just cold heat I guess. I looked at the tip, and plastic 
> from
> the tip mount had melted and filled the gap between the graphite elements.
> The tip was shot!
>   Right now my Coleman soldering iron is in the trash can alongside my
> Tornado fuel saver. %^$^%$*^&^%*$*$
> Don't waste your money on this soldering iron...
> Regards,
> Jim Candela

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