[AMRadio] Coleman Powermate "Cold Heat" Soldering iron review

Mike Sawyer w3slk at uplink.net
Sun Jan 15 14:22:15 EST 2006

    I have a butane 'powered' Weller iron that is just the berries for doing 
outside antenna work. You can take the tip off and it becomes a small blow 
torch which has helped when working with copperweld lines. Usually those 
gadgets on TV that you end up being saturated with commercials are generally 
nothing more than snake oil.
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>Don't waste your money on this soldering iron...

I recall seeing a soldering iron demo at Datyon one year,  that used liquid
fuel, something like lighter fluid, that contained a miniature blowtorch
that heated a real honest-to-God copper soldering tip.  It took it only a
few seconds warm up, and worked just like an electric soldering iron. It was
about the same size as 150-watt electric job.  That's what I thought of
first upon hearing about a "Coleman soldering iron."

I have actually tried to solder using the same technique as the one
described earlier, when the tip on my Weller soldering gun would break it
two.  I had almost identical results.  Ended up making an emergency
replacement tip out of a piece of #10 or #12 bare copper wire.


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