[AMRadio] Free TS-497B/URR Signal Generator

Brian K Harris brian.k.harris at philips.com
Sun Jan 15 14:51:29 EST 2006

This TS-497B/URR was my bench generator for about 30 years.  Now I have a 
URM-25 and an HP solid state generator so I no longer need it.  The 
TS-497B/URR covers 2 to 400 Megacycles/Megahertz.  It works and has full 
AM modulation, however I can't set the RF output level calibration level 
so the actual output level may not be what the calibrated output 
attenuator says it should be.  This is probably a problem with the level 
detector itself, which is a separate circuit, so I don't expect it will 
difficult to solve.  It's immaculate inside, actually a work of art, and 
the outside isn't bad either.  I think it uses a 9002 oscillator.

You can have it for free if you pick it up in the Dallas, TX area.  If I 
have to ship it, I am going to charge $5 to pack it and haul it to UPS 
plus you are going to pay the shipping.  It will weigh 49-50 pounds when 
properly packed.   Pictures, inside and out, are available on request.

If there are multiple requests for this generator I'll give it to the 
person with the best story.   It nobody wants it between now and next 
weekend, it gets parted out, which I really don't want to do.

Stay tuned, there's more free stuff to come.
Brian K. Harris, WA5UEK

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