[AMRadio] Web page appears in opposition to RM-11305

Mike Sawyer w3slk at uplink.net
Sun Jan 15 21:18:03 EST 2006

Brian said:
"But RM-00000 would be OK too so long as ALL THREE
of these get a clause that includes allowing AM and CW forever,
AND a clause to rescind the stupid rule allowing unattended
QRM generators to run roughshod over everything else."

    My only problem with that is you once again wind up with unused 
spectrum, relegated essentially to CW. While those that prefer to work 
phone, put up with an over-crowding problem that just keeps getting bigger. 
I view RM-11305 as getting off of the pot sort of speak.  Those fellows that 
concieved it were obviously tired of the party line being put out by the 
ARRgghhL and figured there has to be something better. I look at it like its 
part of the body: If we don't use it, we lose it.

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