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Clay Curtiss W7CE w7ce at
Mon Jan 16 11:07:31 EST 2006

> Mike Mertel, K7IR, developed what I believe is one the most innovative new
> antenna ideas in years if not in decades. The U.S. Patenet office
> apparently agrees and awarded him a patent for it. Mike is an Electrical
> Engineer but I don't believe he worked in the antenna field before
> SteppIR. That was born from his interest in ham radio.

> Clever application of long understood and applied techniques.   Original
> innovative but hardly a state of the art advance.
> Dennis D. W7QHO
> Glendale, CA

Advancing the state of the art rarely involves quantum leaps.  If that were
the case, then the last major innovation in the field of electronics was the
invention of the transistor or maybe the magnetic disk drive.  Everything
since then (integrated circuits, microprocessors, memory, etc) is just an
incremental improvement to an existing technology.  Before the transistor it
was probably the vaccum tube.  For radio, the invention of telephony, RTTY
and television were the last quantum leaps.  SSB certainly would not qualify
as advancing the state of the art based on the criteria you seem to be
applying.  Advancing the state of the art is any original and innovative
idea that improves the art.  'The current state of the art in electronics
and radio is based on thousands and thousands of small and innovative but
incremental improvements to the art.

Clay  W7CE

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