[AMRadio] Sumner on Newington's scheme

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 16 11:14:56 EST 2006

Dave Sumner, the highest ranking staffer at the League
not elected by subscribers, acknowledged in a
telephone interview in November that there were
"probably" more people opposed than favoring their
Bandwidth proposal before it was sent to the FCC.

He was asked to characterize or tally the pro and con
among people who chose to answer the ARRL's request
for input.

Sumner told me that if left to their own, people would
follow human nature to leave things as they are,
suggesting THAT's the basis for most of the "opposed"
remarks the League received.  

He then followed with the rationale that if someone
doesn't do something to foster a more friendly
environment for digital modes then the Amateur Service
will not present the image he/ARRL feels the hobby

That was the firmest answer I had ever seen as to
whether the League's plan enjoyed popular support
among ARRL subscribers.

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