[AMRadio] Bandplans and modes

rbethman at comcast.net rbethman at comcast.net
Mon Jan 16 14:56:56 EST 2006

I "think" that some conceptions are involved that should be opened up to THOUGHT.

I have NO OBJECTION to "new" digital modes and communications coming onto our ham bands.

However, my concern is that these "modes" of digital communications may place everyone using them sitting in front of a keyboard and staring at a screen, NOT hearing a voice or a fist.

Amtor, Pactor, and Packet are indeed that way.  I indeed DID try packet.  As a professional Computer Scientist, I REALLY do not want to "relax and enjoy" MORE time on a keyboard and screen for a hobby.

IF the new modes produce VOICE on the receiving end - THEN I am all open to using it and using the bandwidth!

There just does NOT seem to be an indication that this is the case.

The "newer" digital communications mode and methods in use by the military today are INDEED text on a screen, and poking at a keypad or keyboard.

This is just MY view on the hobby, WHY I like SSB AND DSB with carrier AM modes of communication PLUS the personal "fist" of whom I communicate with.

Bob - N0DGN

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