[AMRadio] Web page appears in opposition to RM-11306

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Mon Jan 16 18:15:08 EST 2006

On 16 Jan 2006 at 22:53, Donald Chester wrote:

> The IARU band plan say no phone below 7050.  Obviously the Canadian and 
> Mexican hams, plus who knows what other countries south of the border, are 
> not following the plan.  The IARU does not have any enforcement power.  The 
> band plan is merely a suggestion, not a legal restriction.  Canada and (I 
> assume) Mexico have no emission subband limitations; they can legally 
> transmit phone all the way down to 7000.  The US is the only country in the 
> region (and is suspect the world) that PROHIBITS phone below 7150.
> Another aspect of the problem is the US licence class subband structure.  
> 7000-7025 is limited to extra class only, so non-extra US hams can work cw 
> only from 7025 up, and the cw activity rarely goes above 7040 or 7050, so 
> for all practical purposes US Advanced and General class ops are limited to 
> a very narrow segment just above 7025 for cw operation.
> Since the US Extra class cw requirement has been reduced to the 5 wpm Novice 
> level, and there is no longer any distinction in the code requirement for 
> Extra, Advanced, General or Novice, what is the point of continuing to set 
> aside an exclusive 25 kc/s segment for Extra class cw?
> In Region 1 (Europe) the entire 40m band is only 7000-7100, except for some 
> recently opened limited use of 7100-7200.  Hopefully the broacast issue we 
> be resolved and 7100-7200 will eventually become exclusive amateur 
> worldwide.

Don is quite right. The whole thing has fallen like a deck of cards.
The U.S> regulations are more out of step (and out of 
than ever before, particularly on 40m.

In the last contest I listened to, there were non-U.S. 
stations running SSB pile ups all the way down to 7002 KHz.
Yes boys, 7002! SO much for foretelling how the "gentlemen's 
agreements" are going to work on all of the bands when the 
ARRL gets their absurd bandwidth scheme in place!

"Gentlemen's agreements" only work among gentlemen.

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