[AMRadio] Web page appears in opposition to RM-11306

Brian Carling bcarling at cfl.rr.com
Tue Jan 17 08:31:57 EST 2006

On 16 Jan 2006 at 19:25, peter markavage wrote:

> Maybe the CATT people can detail how they expect their proposal,
> RM-11305, to work then. That's the only glue ("gentlemen's agreements")
> that holds it together. Without it, it's total anarchy. i.e. any mode,
> any bandwidth, anywhere.

The exact same thing can be said of the ARRL proposal.
Thge only difference is that the ARRL proposal hampers everyone 
with a lot more complicated rules and hampers the FCC with 
enforcing something they don't have time to monitor.

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