[AMRadio] FS: HV Transformer, Coils, Sola, Fuji, Crosley

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Jan 17 09:44:14 EST 2006

For Sale. Shipping additional.

HV transformer. 4800V at ½ amp. Brand new in the heavy crate. $36 plus shipping on 125 pounds.

E. F. Johnson Viking matchbox. This has one wrong knob (the small band selector)  and has been repainted with a  big Eagle decal on the front. Seems electrically okay. With manual copy. $75

Coils, 5-pin, used but in good shape. 
$7 each: 40JCL, 80JCL 
$6 each: 20JVL, 6JCL with a slight mod to the link, easily undone
$5 each: Bud clear base, unmarked, variable center link: 20M? and another that is 6M or 2M 

Sola NOS constant voltage transformer, 385V each side of CT at 110ma, plus 5V at 2A and 6.3VCT at 3 amps. Some scratches on nice gray case. Hookup diagram on case. $19 plus $8 US Priority flat rate box mailing.

Sola NOS constant voltage transformer, 118V at 254ma and 330V at ??ma. With 3UF 330VAC capacitor for 330V hookup. Hookup diagram on case. $9 plus $8 US Priority flat rate box mailing.

Sola Model 21248 NOS constant voltage filament transformers (2 to sell). These have a 5V winding and a 6.3V winding. Neither one is center tapped. Not sure of current rating but these things are big and heavy-about 1.5 times the size of the one above with the 2 filament windings-with no HV winding! So I'd say that these are about 5 amps at 5V and another 5 amps at 6.3V. $10 each. Brand new in nice gray cases. 

MFJ Versa-Tuner II Model MFJ-940B antenna tuner. Has some weird small holes drilled in the top plus some writing in marker on the front (that probably will come off). Decent little tuner. $9

RCA 1808 P1 CRT with anode coming out from center of screen. Equivalent to a 3CP1. The electrode is a radial deflection electrode for a circular sweep J-scope (Tube Lore). $3

RCA 3JP1 CRT with socket. Used. No burn. $5

Box of over 50 NOS 0-100uuf variable trimmer caps, silver plated with ceramic construction. Screw-driver-adjust. Nice. $25/all

Fuji FinePix 1300 digital camera. I bought this camera new about 4 years ago and it has served me well. It's a 2nd generation 1.3 mpixel camera. The lens is 36mm (in 35mm SLR terms). It takes pictures in 1280x960 and 640x480. It has a 2x digital zoom only in the 640x480 mode (which I never used). My experience with it is that it takes good pictures in normal light but the auto-focus and auto-exposure is not as good in low light. It has a built in flash. It uses 4 AA cells or requires an external 5V wall wart (not included). The original manual, software CD and USB cable to connect to the computer are included.  Simple, entry-level camera. Works as designed.  I am only selling it because I upgraded (to a Canon 20D which is like going from a Chevy to a Ferrari). $40

Crosley 15E tabletop BC radio in green. Classic old AM radio. Needs cleaning. Untested. $30

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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