[AMRadio] FS VHF AM Transmitters

Byron Tatum bjtatum at ev1.net
Tue Jan 17 13:34:53 EST 2006

    I have several VHF AM transmitters for sale. They are all 3 the same, the Westinghouse made TV-6, a mid-1950's CAA { pre-FAA} design. These transmitters are beautifully built, about 130# of it, about 3 feet tall rack mount style however they will set upright on the bottom cover OK. They have a 4X150A plate modulated by a pair of 6146's, single channel crystal controlled. Front panel is very pretty with a nice pair of 3" square meters. These units have all hermetically sealed transformers and chokes. I have a manual for them. They are easy to use, I have one set up that I use on 144.400 AM and to test the 4CX250 type tubes. The units will cover 144 Mhz as-is. These 3 were checked out several years back and tuned up on 144.4 Mhz. putting out 50 watts min. I need to do something with them, they have been wrapped in plastic and stored, but are in my way.If I cannot find buyers for them I must part them out. 150.00 each, clean and guaranteed to work. Pick-up only near Houston, TX. Thanks, WA5THJ. 

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