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W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Tue Jan 17 17:08:29 EST 2006

Jim Wilhite wrote:

> John, are we allowed use of 40 meters on a secondary basis?  Wasn't 
> this one of the reasons the FCC under Johnson reduced output power to 
> 1500 PEP rather than 2 KW PEP.  That showed the overseas broadcasters 
> we were cooperating.
> I know many years ago they complained mightily about the hams in 
> Region 2 were over riding the broadcast stations.

having been around radio for 47 years (all my life) I've always known 
that the power level rules were 1kW DC input to the final stage.  Note 
that I say INPUT!

It wasn't until 1990, or 91, when the rule changed to 1500w PEP OUTPUT 
for all modes.

If someone were to make a concerted effort in their audio stages, 
starting at the microphone level, insuring proper 'phase' all the way 
through to the modulation transformer, and obtaining enough AC Voltage 
to effectivly modulate your carrier without flat-topping, or exceeding 
100% on the negative peaks, so that the signal is as clean as possible, 
then reverse the phase, then you can run more carrier, with the same 
amount of audio, and still maintain 1500W PEP output.


Garunteed, I enjoy the 'technical' discussions that appear on the list 
from time to time -much better- than the back-biting and bickering that 
happens here, more than often.

73 = Best Regards,

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