[AMRadio] Web page appears in opposition to RM-11306

John E. Coleman (ARS WA5BXO) wa5bxo2005 at pctechref.com
Tue Jan 17 17:11:14 EST 2006

I never new of any restrictions on forty meters and I have always just
ignored any foreign BC stations.  As for measure of power, it was 1KW DC
input MAX as measured by the product of plate voltage and plate current
meters with a time constants of .25 sec.  As long as the product of the two
meters did not exceed 1KW then you were legal.  Typically, when these
conditions were properly monitored, the max output obtainable by a legal SSB
station was about 1500 watts PEP.  I jokingly say, "the manufactures of SSB
desktop equipment were sore about the AM stations that could get 750 to 800
watts of carrier and modulate it to 3000 watts PEP output (SINE WAVE) with
out their plate current moving". Not joking, by the use of natural
asymmetrical audio I was able to get about 7 KW PEP output with no plate
current increase.  Also there seemed to be a lot of dummying down of folks
about that time.  

I think that the ARRL and others that supported the power rule change were
convinced that ham radio should be a desk top hobby only (FCC type
acceptance if they could have had it that way), and that the average user
should not have to worry about proper measuring and multiplying the meter
readings together.  Plus, they could make cheaper desktop crap with cheaper
metering and put in limiting circuits to prevent overpower output.  So, 1500
watts PEP output is about the same as ever for a SSB station but was a kick
in the teeth for big iron home brewers of AM stations.

As some one else said here earlier the rules are driven by economics.
People that partake in the hobby have little say in what will make a
difference.  But it does make some difference some time.  So keep trying.
Our hobby is not like any other.  It is many hobbies in one house, so some
one is bound to get into someone's way once and in a while.


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John, are we allowed use of 40 meters on a secondary basis?  Wasn't this one

of the reasons the FCC under Johnson reduced output power to 1500 PEP rather

than 2 KW PEP.  That showed the overseas broadcasters we were cooperating.

I know many years ago they complained mightily about the hams in Region 2 
were over riding the broadcast stations.

73  Jim

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> Just get on 40 meters and consider it a challenge to communicate over
> the broadcasting stations.  You have as mush right to be there as them.
> Start up talking to you neighbor running as much as you can to a low
> angle radiator.  Be sure your not zero beat.  Don't think for a minute
> that the heterodyne you cause won't be heard over seas.  That should
> start an inquiry.  Then again, they would probably just take 40 meters
> away from us.
> John,

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