[AMRadio] Items Needed and stuff to trade

ronnie.hull ronnie.hull at glowbugs.com
Wed Jan 18 16:55:39 EST 2006

good Afternoon y'all

I'm trying to build up a HV power supply for a 3-1000 amplifier. I need a
plate transformer that will give me between 3000 - 3500 VDC @ 1A      The
current I want is high but that will give me plenty of cushioning. Needs
110/220 primary.

I will also need a set of chimney clips for the 3-1000Z chimney.

I have several items up for trade.

1) PW Dahl Replacement HV Transformer for a Clipperton L. This is an OUTBOARD
replacement transformer that is rated 660/1060vac @ 3amps. Thats right, THREE
AMPS! This was used with a doubler to put hv on the 572B's. Also has 12vac and
6.3V @ 16 amp windings. Current retail price from Dahl on this transformer is
a whopping $475 bucks. I got this in a trade and am not asking any of you to
shuck out that many yankee dollars. But would trade it even for a transformer
with the specs above, or take  $250 plus shipping for it.

2) Plate Transformer out of BC610, the later one. This is the square sealed
transformer with the terminals on top. I don't have it in front of me but it
seems it had 2 secondaries, one in the 4000 volt range and one in the 5000
volt range, but only 500 ma. Very Heavy. Again, would trade for what I need
above or take $100 plus shipping for it.

3) Thordarson 300 Watt Multi Impedence Modulation Transformer. P/N 21M64 This
is a danged nice transformer. Only reason I would even consider trading it off
is because I have two of them. Again, will trade for the plate transformer I
need or I'll take $250 plus shipping for it.

4) B&W 850A Pi-net Inductor/switch. I have replaced the inductor supports with
thick strips of teflon. Good contacts and overall great condition. These are
still around but getting harder to find.  $100 plus shipping

Help me out here y'all, I don't want to have to buy a transformer from PW Dahl
and get a 2nd mortgage on my home!!

73's and God Bless

Ronnie - W5SUM

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