[AMRadio] this is kind of neat

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Wed Jan 18 22:57:10 EST 2006

There is a very good search tool there for active licensees.  It is under 
"Help" in the left pane.

You can also read a pretty fair description of the history or radio.  If you 
want to know anything about applying for a license or vanity call it is 

It is a very good site.

73  Jim

> Whoops it goes back 25 years.
> The Unique Call Lookup  is even cooler. If you enter a call sign it shows 
> it year by year back 15 years
> It lists previous holders and is cross referenced to the present holders 
> call. It is the best call sign lookup I've seen so far.
> The page also has a database of all available calls. 1x2, 2x1, 2x2, 1x3, 
> 2x3 etc. listed by call area and prefix or suffix. Shows when the 2 year 
> wait is up on unissued calls. You can even look up an available call to 
> see if and how many others have applied. The FCC issues lottery style if 
> more than one applicant.
> http://www.vanityhq.com/
> Good luck, George KB2Z

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