[AMRadio] Web page appears in opposition to RM-11306

Jim Wilhite w5jo at brightok.net
Thu Jan 19 16:28:49 EST 2006

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From: "peter markavage"
> Cause they're wider, and with RM-11305, there are no bounds to
> "wideness". If you think you have QRM now, can you picture in the future,
> AM, SSB, FM, CW, digital voice/data/multimedia, SSTV, maybe even a form
> of ATV, etc. all trying to operate adjacent to each other on the bands.

RM 11305 simply opens the bands to all modes, it does not widen the present 
modes due to a rule change.  The current rules would still be enforced. 
Sure some violate that, in fact I am considered by some near me in 5 land to 
be an ogre because there are some stations that are splattering and I 
pointed it out after trying to resolve it with the offending stations.  Now 
everyone in the group is looking at their signals and the offenders are 
under pressure by many to reform.
> :"would make more of us gentlemen"  - I guess by osmosis. I see no other
> way it could happen. Of course then, why doesn't it currently happen on
> the bands today. Why would any mode, any bandwidth, anywhere, all of a
> sudden, make amateurs nicer than they are today??

See above answer

> :"Mode or bandwidth restrictions simply promote special interest groups"
> - AM, SSB, CW, digital, SSTV, etc. etc. operations are all special
> interest groups that form the backbone of the amateur radio service. Some
> are just larger than others.
> Pete,

Yes they are Pete, why not give them additional room to operate?

73  Jim

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