[AMRadio] RE: This is so neat - VanityHQ.com map

Craig Roberts crgrbrts at verizon.net
Thu Jan 19 16:41:00 EST 2006

What this dandy interactive map does -- despite reported inaccuracies -- 
is demonstrate the density of the amateur radio population in given 
neighborhoods.  There are, for instance, as many as 95 hams in my 
suburban Washington, DC Zip Code.  Many appear to be inactive, yet they 
still hold licenses and would probably admit to at least a passing 
interest in the hobby. Such numbers could represent a relatively 
impressive constituency if united against the local authors and 
defenders of restrictive covenants and neighborhod association edicts 
that restrict the activities of so many of us. 

I plan to invite my ham neighbors -- now that I realize that there are 
so many of them -- to a cookout at my home this summer. It could be a 
nice "get acquainted" day and a fine opportunity to "strategize" (as the 
boardroom vernacular now goes) about matters of common interest. 

Y'all come!



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