[AMRadio] Cleaning shack

Chuck wa2onk at verizon.net
Sun Jan 22 18:35:05 EST 2006

       I'll take them. What is your address?
  Chuck  wa2onk

John Lyles <jtml at losalamos.com> wrote:
  $20 for all, postpaid

GE Ham News:
July/Aug 1951 v6,n4, Signal Slicer SSB adapter
March/April 1952 v7,n2, Oscillator Monitor, 1N48
May/June 1952 v7,n3, 6 Meter Rx, 6BJ6
Sept/Oct 1952 v7,n5 , Power Peaker 200 Watt 811A, 
May/June 1953 v8,n3, The Dioplex Ant Relay, 6005
July/Aug 1953 v8,n4, The Super 430 6m converter
Nov/Dec 1953 v8,n6, The Field Meter, Tube numbering, GL805
Jan/Feb 1954 v9,n1, About Power Supplies
May/June 1954 v9,n3, Picking Proper Insulation, 5U4GA
Jan/Feb 1955 v10,n1, Operation Crystal, 6CA5
March/April 1955 v10,n2, High Atten LP Audio Filter
May/June 1955 v10,n3, Ham Shack Intercom
July/Aug 1955 v10,n4, 6m Tranceiver part I
Sept/Oct 1955 v10,n5, 6m converter part II (2 copies)
Nov/Dec 1955 v10,n6, 6m 100 watt transmitter
March/April 1956 v11,n2, Tri Range VFO
May/June 1958 v13,n3 , Packaged VHF exciters
July/Aug 1958 v13,n4, Special DX Log Issue
Sept/Oct 1958 v13,n5, Gadget Rack, Mod Monitor, Conelrad
Jan/Feb 1959 v14,n1, 7077 RF Amps for VHF/UHF
March/April 1959 v14,n2, Bandswitching VFO, 6L6GC
May/June 1959 v14,n3, 200watt Double Sidebander
July/Aug 1959 v14, n4, 6AH6 Solid VFO, 200 Watt DSB, 6EZ8
Jan/Feb 1960 v15,n1, Operating GE HiFi Tubes as Modulators, Balun
March/April 1960 v15,n2, Mobile Transmitter/Converter for 75
Sept/Oct 1961 v16,n5, Transmitter Protective Circuitry, Inductive Tuned VFO
March/April 1961 v16, n2, Grounded Grid Amp GL814, Multimeter 

RCA Ham Tips:
Oct/Dec 1947 vVII,n4, Modern Speech Amp using 6AS7G, Bias PS
Sept/Oct 1948 vVIII,n3, NBFM Tx with 2E26 on 10, Hifi
May 1949 vIX,n2, Tiny Tran 10 and 11 meter 5763
July 1949 vIX, n3, Designing Modulators, RCA Voltohmyst
Jan/March 1950 vX,n1, Code Practice Unit, Electronic Keying, Overmod Ind

John K5PRO
New Mexico
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