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ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Mon Jan 23 14:30:04 EST 2006

Last Saturday nite I was down in the cellar shack, working on building a PP 
805 modulator deck for a 1930s open relay-rack transmitter I'm restoring 
that, to the best of my knowledge, never had a modulator. 

I tuned around 75M and 160M looking for some AM QSOs to monitor, but I 
couldn't find any with signals good enough for comfortable listening (which 
is a rare occurrence up here in the Northeast). 

So I switched the old Meissner RCVR to the AM broadcast band, and tuned 
across 770 Kc/s WABC - a talk radio station for the past 24 years, but 
before that the quintessential AM "contemporary" music station. And what I 
heard was not talk radio, but a live show with a real DJ/commentator 
spinning the old tunes! From what I gathered this is a new show, and there 
were all kinds of folks calling in giving their praise. And in one segment 
was a live Neil Sedaka (sp?) interview! 

It was like being caught in a time warp. Some of my fondest childhood 
memories are of hanging out in my grandfather's cellar in Chatham, NJ 
building, fixing or otherwise diddling with some radio with WABC cranking 
the tunes. 

I now know how I'll be spending my Saturday nites for the foreseeable 


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