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Bob Peters rwpeters at swbell.net
Mon Jan 23 19:57:02 EST 2006

I have done this for a number of the group here in Texas. You are
correct and it does help you in the EQ mode. I have found that you do a
recording before and then a recording after you help the person through
the EQ. As is normal we all hate how our voice sounds over the air.
Someone that knows you
In person is by far the best person to help you EQ.

I personally run with my T-368 with a Marshall Mike and a W2IHY EQ / 8
band/ w Noise Gate into an 8 channel mixer set flat through a Marti
Compressor/ Limiter to the N9FOY Speech amp. Everyone says it sounds
great. Running Positive 110 % Modulation with 95% Negative peaks. Using
a Gates Mod Monitor.

I tend to agree with you John on the mike but this Marshall 3/4
Condenser was on sale for $49.95 at Musicians Friend with the Shock
Mount. I was totally shocked with the performance. I tend to favor the
Heil PR-40 but run it on SSB. Can not afford 2  Hi...

My nickels worth...

Bob W1PE Dallas 

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   In regard to the several very interesting threads regarding AM Hi-Fi,

intelligibility, and audio bandwidth / spectrum efficiency - I have some

personal observations, and devices I use in my shack...

   It is sometimes quite instructive if a recording of your QSO can be
- especially if adjustments are carried out during the course of the
Several folks on the bands are set up to record and playback
- and there a few who can render these recordings into a computer file 
which can be forwarded to you, or which you can can hear on a website. 
This will go a long way toward helping 'tweak' the audio side of things.

   There are multitudes of cheap audio processing devices available - on

eBay and elsewhere.  Of course a "good" mike is number one, and in that 
regard you generally get whatcha pay for.  Then, it's hard to beat the 
combo of a small audio equalizer feeding a compressor/limiter of some 

   The EQ allows you to tailor your audio bandwidth for the task at hand
'broad' for HiFi work, 'narrow' for DX, or to eliminate some of the 
(wasted) energy in the bottom octaves when intelligibility is the issue.

   The compressor of course allows a maximum of audio energy to be
to the transmitter for a given modulation percentage - in my case with
Valiant it's a very dramatic increase in signal level and 'punch'.

   Generally you can get these two devices for around $100 total - then 
it's possible that your microphone will need a pre-amp (if it's not 
already "powered"). I'd certainly consider the Compressor first, though.

It's an easy 'fix' that might wake up some signals out there - good

   Just my 200 millidollar...


John  KB6SCO

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