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Rick Brashear rickbras at airmail.net
Mon Jan 23 20:19:39 EST 2006

You're a lucky man, Larry.  I wish I could get WABC 770 Kc here in 
Dallas.  Enjoy!


ne1s wrote:

> Last Saturday nite I was down in the cellar shack, working on building 
> a PP 805 modulator deck for a 1930s open relay-rack transmitter I'm 
> restoring that, to the best of my knowledge, never had a modulator.
> I tuned around 75M and 160M looking for some AM QSOs to monitor, but I 
> couldn't find any with signals good enough for comfortable listening 
> (which is a rare occurrence up here in the Northeast).
> So I switched the old Meissner RCVR to the AM broadcast band, and 
> tuned across 770 Kc/s WABC - a talk radio station for the past 24 
> years, but before that the quintessential AM "contemporary" music 
> station. And what I heard was not talk radio, but a live show with a 
> real DJ/commentator spinning the old tunes! From what I gathered this 
> is a new show, and there were all kinds of folks calling in giving 
> their praise. And in one segment was a live Neil Sedaka (sp?) interview!
> It was like being caught in a time warp. Some of my fondest childhood 
> memories are of hanging out in my grandfather's cellar in Chatham, NJ 
> building, fixing or otherwise diddling with some radio with WABC 
> cranking the tunes.
> I now know how I'll be spending my Saturday nites for the foreseeable 
> future.
> 73,
> -Larry/NE1S
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