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Vic Morrow was on Combat, It was Cousin Brucie (Morrow). I remember the
WABeatlesC, trying to compete with Murray the K at WINS, who called himse;f
the "Fifth Beatle".
                                  Joe W4AAB
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> I thought it was WABeatlesC, with Vic Morrow or Cousin Brucie and you
> only heard the News at 5 to, and 25 past the hour.
> At 09:36 AM 1/24/06, you wrote:
> >On 1/23/06, ne1s <ne1s at neandertech.com> wrote:
> >
> > > It was like being caught in a time warp. Some of my fondest childhood
> > > memories are of hanging out in my grandfather's cellar in Chatham, NJ
> > > building, fixing or otherwise diddling with some radio with WABC
> > > the tunes.
> >
> >I used to enjoy listening to big band music on 830 WCRN out of
> >Worcester/Framingham area but they went to an oldies format sometime
> >last year. I like oldies too, but it's hard to find 40s type music on
> >AM these days so I miss WCRN in that sense. At 50kw, they have a
> >potent signal up this way. You might give them a try too.
> >
> >There was also a station over in NY that played big band music a few
> >years ago, but they got bought up by Disney and ended up playing
> >children's music and soundtracks from Disney movies. Think it was
> >WQEW? Up near the top of the dial.
> >
> >It's always more enjoyable to hear some old music on AM broadcast
> >rather than more talk radio, but to me at least, there's nothing like
> >hearing some Glenn Miller or Tommy Dorsey tunes rumbling out of a big
> >old speaker with the receiver dials and tubes glowing away.
> >
> >Thanks for passing this on, Larry - I'll have to fire up that SX-28A
> >in the front foyer that you were tuning around with in December - bet
> >it'll sound great, WABC always comes in here well. (o:
> >
> >de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ
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