[AMRadio] FS: Howard Mills restored 32V-2 & R-388

W3CRR w3crr at aerialacts.com
Wed Jan 25 15:38:47 EST 2006

Sadly, a family emergency necessitates the immediate sale of my 
wonderful Collins 32V-2 and R-388/URR.  These beautiful radios were 
restored just a couple of months ago by Howard Mills to his usual 
standard of perfection and are in pristine cosmetic and electrical 
condition. The front panels are newly powder-coated and screened and the 
cabinets (included) are new.  These units are flawless in looks and 
performance.  The receiver includes Howard's product detector and AGC 
mods and receives SSB and CW beautifully.  The transmitter includes 
Howard's speech amp modification for increased audio fidelity. 

I can offer the two as a package for $3250.00 plus shipping from Zip 
Code 20902. (NOTE: shipping will be expensive -- the transmitter alone 
weighs over 120 pounds)  If the package is purchased, I will include 
beautifully crafted and embroidered covers for the transmitter and 
receiver by Stan LaPointe, a Dow-Key T/R relay, a 10-inch speaker in a 
BUD cabinet, a Collins 51J-4 mechanical filter conversion kit for the 
receiver WITH filters (not installed), and a nearly flawless Astatic 
D-104 microphone, thus making it a "plug 'n' play" station.

While I prefer to sell the units as a package, I will split them, if 

R-388/URR:  $1300.00 (including speaker)

32V-2 transmitter: $1900.00 (including Dow-Key)

51J-4 mechanical filter conversion kit with filters: $450.00.

Payment by Pal Pal is preferred, please.

Thank you very and VY 73,


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