[AMRadio] Why the League Petition would be BAD for AM

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 26 04:27:37 EST 2006

Why the League Petition is BAD for AM


I am in a discussion with a staff person at the League
who still has some credibility with the AM Community.
It is his contention that RM-11306 does NOT impose
bandwidth restrictions since it uses the wording
"necessary bandwidth." 

I have written back to suggest that the numerical
reference they seek to impose on AM is indeed a fresh
burden, with risks as follows in my email to him. 
Please consider these points to help shape your
Comment to file with the FCC in OPPOSITION to the
proposal from the group in Newington.

StopRM11306 at amfone.net

If you've already filed, thanks on behalf of us all
who wish to avoid unwarranted penalties on our mode
and activity.


The wording of the Petition from your group would
impose the first
numerical bandwidth limitations ever faced by the mode
of AM.

This would remove the responsibility that has
historically rested with
the operator, and attempts to create a technical
standard, be it
regulatory or in practice. Our concern is that the
specification is
not accompanied by any means of measurement, such that
we would not be
able to check our compliance.

Worse, people who feel compelled to gripe about AM
would be handed a
tool, a "new law" that they can allege we violate
without their having
to prove it with a measurement.

Part 97 is deliberately vague in leaving it up to good
practice.  Yours would cause an enforcement nightmare,
and would treat
AM as an oddball, otherwise non-compliant mode. You
may already have
noticed that some of the Comments filed with the FCC
wish not to have
such an exception at all for AM. Your number of "9
kHz" seems overly
broad to them, and a threat to us. I've already had
one heckler,
N2NGY, breaking into a QSO on 75m and telling us that
your Petition
will "finally do us in."

I'll be interested in any reply from you, because your
opinion carries
weight. We wish we had  been invited to take part as
your people
cooked up this plan. We are taking part in the process


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