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To the group,

This is what we need to do as a TEAM, see FCC letter below) monitor all
persons INTERFERING WITH Qso's and our net.
This is willful disregard for a legal approved emission of operation (AM),
willful jamming or interfering with us can be handled through the FCC.
We need to have some of our fellow operators who have time, (sent up
monitoring times), document, voice record and one person ask them nicely to
move, explain why, and if they resist, file complaints with the FCC, ARRL
and any other group that will listen or will publish the complaint.
We need to PUBLISH, there calls, and any other information (of public
record) of there, on web sites, and in as many printed materials as
Theses operators are bad apples and are committing illegal acts.
Embarrass them, into doing the right thing, and then if needed as a team,
with all the signatures possible, send the complaints to the FCC.
If action is slow, each of us send a letter to the FCC weekly until we
We need to hit them were it hurts, IN PLAIN VIEW OF FRIENDS, CLUBS THEY
No insults, or threats, sweet and to the point, the legal way, the way the
FCC and other would respect.

Thanks, one option only

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> I've already had one heckler,
> N2NGY, breaking into a QSO on 75m and telling us that
> your Petition will "finally do us in."


> Paul

I'm not diagreeing with you but consider the source
Paul (See below, from the ARRL website) -


Mark W1EOF

BERKELEY HEIGHTS, NJ: The FCC sent a Warning Notice March 14, 2000, to
Advanced licensee Ronald Marshott, N2NGY, to advise him that information
before the Commission indicates the licensee has been "deliberately
interfering with the radio operations of other licensed amateurs on the
75-meter band." The FCC also said it has information that the licensee
"failed to identify, identified by call signs not your own, and have made
threats to other licensees." FCC Special Counsel for Amateur Radio
Enforcement Riley Hollingsworth warned Marshott that operation of the type
described "will not be tolerated" and could result in a fine and revocation
proceedings. Hollingsworth requested the licensee contact him to discuss the
January 15, 2002

Mr. Ronald Marshott
56 Briarwood Drive West
Berkely Heights, NJ 07922

RE: Warning Notice: Amateur Radio license N2NGY

Dear Mr. Marshott:

Monitoring information before the Commission indicates that you were
transmitting music during transmission on 3.832 MHz on the evening of
November 27, 2001.

Please be advised that such transmissions are contrary to the Commission's
rules regarding the Amateur Radio Service, and degrade the Service for
legitimate users. You are requested to review the Commission's rules for the
Amateur Service, particularly Section 97.113(a)(4).

You may call me at 717-338-2502 if you have any questions about this matter.

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