[AMRadio] Re: reply to SSB interference

ne1s ne1s at neandertech.com
Thu Jan 26 12:41:37 EST 2006

Hi Brad (and group), 

While I don't necessarily disagree with you (and certainly not your motive), 
we have to be aware of the fact that in-fighting among amateurs in front of 
the FCC makes us ALL look bad, in their eyes. Too many complaints, even if 
they are all justifyable ones, will make the amateur radio service look more 
and more like a PITA to the FCC, who barely has enough resources anymore to 
deal with only the most blatant, destructive, offenses. 

OTOH, I can't offer any solution for dealing with these guys other than 
ignore them & hope they go away. 


UVCM INC writes:
> To the group, 
> This is what we need to do as a TEAM, see FCC letter below) monitor all
> persons INTERFERING WITH Qso's and our net.
> This is willful disregard for a legal approved emission of operation (AM),
> willful jamming or interfering with us can be handled through the FCC.
> We need to have some of our fellow operators who have time, (sent up
> monitoring times), document, voice record and one person ask them nicely to
> move, explain why, and if they resist, file complaints with the FCC, ARRL
> and any other group that will listen or will publish the complaint.
> We need to PUBLISH, there calls, and any other information (of public
> record) of there, on web sites, and in as many printed materials as
> possible.
> Theses operators are bad apples and are committing illegal acts.
> Embarrass them, into doing the right thing, and then if needed as a team,
> with all the signatures possible, send the complaints to the FCC.
> If action is slow, each of us send a letter to the FCC weekly until we
> action.
> We need to hit them were it hurts, IN PLAIN VIEW OF FRIENDS, CLUBS THEY
> No insults, or threats, sweet and to the point, the legal way, the way the
> FCC and other would respect. 
> Thanks, one option only
> Brad KB7FQR

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