[AMRadio] hecklers

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 27 04:47:19 EST 2006


You're right about ignoring hecklers as a standard

As mentioned, I have ignored N2NGY several times in
the past. It is easy to do because his signal is
consistently poor and his audio maladjusted.

But under the category of "know thy enemy," I elected
to actually bring the guy's points out a little bit,
and I thus formed a new opinion of why the League's
Petition would be a bad thing for AM.

His contention that "this is the one that will do you
guys in" was supported, in his feeble mind, by the
notion of having a hard number in hand that could be
used to back his and other spurious complaints. 

Indeed, a series of such complaints, as unfounded as
they may be, are just the sort of anti-AM campaign
this Petition could create if enacted.

Everyone on here is aware that the AM Community is
held to higher standards than virtually all other
activities on the HF bands. Providing a phantom
standard as a hoop we should have to jump through
would be an effective way to try to make trouble
against us.

February 6th is the Comment filing deadline.

StopRM11306 at amfone.net


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