[AMRadio] hecklers (II)

VJB wa3vjb at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 27 05:02:42 EST 2006

Mark, Larry,
You guys made points I want to reply to as well.

Mark, yes, someone else sent me the FCC violation
notices against N2NGY, and I earlier had done some
research when the fellow first turned up to heckle us
as we operated on 3837Kc, the frequency also used by
the Antique Wireless Association.

The "source" may lack credibility, but if you get
enough of them together they can leverage their
behavior enough to break squelch, so to speak. I
really think the League's petition may prove a
rallying point for them if it were enacted.

Larry, on your point of dissent within the ranks of
ham radio.  Much of the argument we see on various
points is fomented by the closed door political
philosophy by the group in Newington, which once upon
a time was the representative lobbying group for the

The knee-jerk reaction to criticism against the ARRL
typically focuses on a call to elect different
volunteer leadership if there needs to be a cure.  But
those "directors" individually are not the problem. It
is a systemic issue of how the place is run, which
perpetuates the lack of interaction with active,
law-abiding licensed Amateurs.

Their bandwidth scheme is a product of that
closed-door approach, and Comments in the FCC database
are running heavily opposed. Many of the Comments cite
a feeling of having been left out of the process --
and I'll bet the League's lawyer will be hard-pressed
to defend against that criticism during the Reply
Comment phase upcoming.

So, with most of us on the outside of that system, the
responsibility for effecting change comes from out
here toward their group. The FCC has already spanked
them a few times on earlier issues, and they've
certainly been slapped around in public by the greater
Amateur community, the electric industry, and other
government agencies besides the FCC.

It's not a matter of electing different volunteer
leaders. The problem is the need to reform their way
of doing business advancing our interests. I predict
the ARRL will continue to shrink into merely a
publishing and subscription group as more of us will
realize their lobbying and representation is a farce,
as things stand.


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