[AMRadio] Kenyon Information Sought

W5OMR/Geoff w5omr at satx.rr.com
Sat Jan 28 09:48:37 EST 2006

ronnie.hull wrote:

>I have yet to ever see anyone get information back when they needed  Kenyon
>"S" number transformer info but here goes
>S-502122   another number on it is 8445491-2
>This is a large 240V primary, 5000vct secondary ( 2500 - 0 - 2500 )
>transformer that weights 65 lbs.
>This came out of a RCA Television Transmitter that was taken out of service
>about 5 years ago.
>I think the 8445###  number is the RCA  P/N and the "S" number is the Kenyon
>Part number.  It is my belief that the "S" numbers Kenyon transmformers and
>chokes are OEM parts, made for a particular manufacturer. I have NEVER found
>them listed in any cataloge.
>What I need to know, is what is the current capability of this transformer.
>Any help would be greatly appreciated!
>Thanks, God Bless, and 73's
>Ronnie - W5SUM 

Patrick has a -lot- of transformers scanned and listed on a website.  
Stancore, Kenyon, Thordarson, etc...

I just don't know/have the url, at this time.


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