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Phil Galasso k2pg at worldnet.att.net
Sat Jan 28 11:53:39 EST 2006

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> To what: belief that ARRL serves a good purpose - implementation of
> RM-11305 will turn all the HF bands into "jungle law" - won't ever wear
> white socks

Ah, yes...that old chestnut by the Chicken Littles of our hobby that all our
bands will turn into CB if we dump our outdated subband restrictions and
have the same privileges as hams in the rest of the world! Funny, voluntary
bandplans seem to work fine on 160, where I spend most of my time...EXCEPT
during contests run by your beloved ARRL and the folks at CQ Magazine ("The
Appliance Operator's Journal"). The CONTESTERS love to disregard bandplans
while turning our bands into a QRMfest for a weekend at a time. Perhaps you
should convince your friends in Newington to change the contest rules to do
something about THAT, rather than saddling the rest of us with the burden of
overregulation. A good start would be to disqualify any contester who
violates the bandplan for his ITU/IARU region. A score of zero would be
ample reason for the contesters to clean up their act.

I am so, so sick of this self-hating American bullshit. The blacks have a
term for people who have such a self-hating attitude toward their own
people. It's called "Uncle Tom". When even CASTRO'S CUBA has more lenient
amateur radio regulations than our "free" United States does, something is
SERIOUSLY wrong. Do YOU enjoy not being able to work DX stations on 40 phone
while the rest of the world can? (Check the FCC notices from Riley
Hollingsworth. Several hams were cited for working split on 40 because they
interfered with other traffic on the band.) Do YOU enjoy hearing all that
empty space on 80 meters while 75 meters is horribly congested? Perhaps you
would prefer Brother Stair to use those frequencies? The 80 meter band is
shared with other services internationally (including in Region 2) and it
would be quite easy for the FCC to allow SWBC stations on those vacant
frequencies by using a footnote or "exception" to the allocations charts in
Parts 2 and 73.

And, BTW, why do we have to have subbands on the low ends of 6 and 2 meters
that are restricted to CW only, especially since most of our VHF operators
are Technicians and most of the newer ones did not have to take a code test?
Isn't that a bit asinine?

It is time for us to have the same amateur radio privileges as our
counterparts in Canada and the rest of the world by supporting RM-11305. And
we need to squash RM-11306, as it promises to substitute nitpicking
restrictions that are even more obnoxious than the existing ones while
filling our bands with interference from Winlink digital robots.

If anyone on this reflector believes that he or she can change the ARRL by
electing other clowns to League offices, I have this charming, old bridge in
New York City that I would love to sell you. Hell, I'll even throw in Santa
Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy! We need to refuse to buy ARRL
publications, drop our membership (I have not been an ARRL member for some
years now), and hit those idiots right in the bottom line. The RSGB has
excellent technical publications that I substitute for League publications
in my radio library. The ARRL is a useless organization that makes up only
21% of all licensed radio amateurs (excluding club stations). Let it die.

Phil Galasso

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