[AMRadio] hecklers

Donald Chester k4kyv at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 28 21:25:37 EST 2006

>From: "Mike Sanders K0AZ" <k0az at corpranet.net>

>The low end of 6 meters is used EXTENSIVELY on CW for weak signal
>intercontinental DX.

I don't find this so much a problem.  I believe there is a similar CW 
subband on 2 m. as well.  That represents only 1/40 of the 6m band.  It 
would be the equivalent of a 12.5 kHz kHz CW band on 80m.

The real problem is with the outdated subband restrictions we have on HF.  
For example, 50% of the 3.5-4.0 mHz band is restricted to accomodate 
communications that could easily fit into less than 20% of the band, even 
during CW contests.

Don k4kyv

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