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Mike, this is the most definitive explanation that I have received.  I am 
sure that other will agree with you and so I am posting your post to the 
entire group.  I never thought that the mica connector was for RF.  It was 
this type that broke down in every instance with about 2,000 volts or more 
when modulation voltage was applied.


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>I have a Millen ad in a 1963 CQ Magazine that says the Red and Black Millen
> connectors are for HV and the Brown (yellow) is a special filled bakelite
> for RF use ONLY! My friend says the Reds are the best since the Black are
> pigmented with carbon to give the black color. Sounds right. Mounted on a
> plastic disk they do count as pretty good. Metal screws are asking for
> trouble. Nylon handy for this.  73 Mike.
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>> Unfortunately Ed these are the 'Millen' connectors are only good to about
>> 2KV. I know the spec say more but this was discussed at length on the 
>> reflector. I have a bunch of the brown ones where the flanges apparently
>> broke down under HV stress. I couldn't prove it but the insides of the
>> material looked to have been molten.
>> Mod-U-Lator,
>> Mike(y)
>> W3SLK
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>> I got my high voltage connectors from RF PARTS    rip at rfparts.com
>> part # 37001 (A,B,C,D) rated for 7000 VDC @ 2 amps. Chassis mount flang
>> $6.90, cable mount shell $5.90. Good luck.
>> 73, Ed Richards K6UUZ
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