[AMRadio] AM Transmitter Advice??

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No problem with them mounted horizontally if in the correct plane. Example:
For years in the ARRL handbook 1960s there was an article that described
separate 813x2 amp for each band, all rack mounted. As a young ham in the
early 70s I would looke that and drool.

The 813 is a great tube, certainly very high on the watt-per-dollar chart.
It's always been one of my favorites along with the 810, 4-400, and the
4-125. I always thought the 4-125 would be great as a final for a say...
350W CW transmitter. Like the T-9er, but with more power out.

Anyone needing projects, or potential projects email me off-list.
No charge, I will give them away to a good home.


Mark W1EOF

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> > I agree with Larry. I've been collecting the pieces for a 813x2
> desktop amp
> > for awhile now. I'm almost ready to begin.
> Hmmm... interesting. I actually have a nice horizontally-mounted CW
> 813 transmitter sitting up over the garage. I wonder what it would
> take to add a modulator?  I chuffed it into a Globe King cabinet
> because I wanted to use the rack for something else, and there it
> sits.
> Yesterday while I was playing around at building a "homebrew" (ala Don
> Chester) 40 meter dipole, I was listening on 40 to a few guys
> discussing the venerable 813. One of them was Tom M...Marcellano?
> W3BYM (I think). He's written a fair number of articles for ER as I
> recall, probably a few about 813 rigs. I think he said it was his
> favorite tube and had nothing but praise for it. At least one of the
> other guys either had or was running a 813 rig also. Wish now that I'd
> paid more attention, but it might've resulted in soldering my finger
> instead of the antenna.
> Has anyone ever mounted them horizontally to save space? I can't
> remember if it's a single tube or a pair. Sure is compact. Power
> supply is in the garage because it was too heavy to haul upstairs.
> Looks like a Beastly 610 transformer on the chassis.
> As an aside, I think K1JJ Tom is still building a rig with a pair of
> 813s blown through Dietz lantern globes as chimneys. There were
> pictures of it on amfone not long ago.
> de Todd/'Boomer'  KA1KAQ
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