[AMRadio] FS: R-390A, PM-23, BC-455-A, 10-DA, ATR-3, QST, Sub Books

Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Tue Jan 31 09:49:57 EST 2006

For Sale: Valentines Day Gift Ideas

R-390/A receiver s/n 2626 made by Electronic Assistance Corp. With meters and covers. Weird corrosion on big knobs and handles. The rest of the radio looks fine. Tuning and band change seem to work well. Otherwise untested and as-is. $550

Hallicrafters PM-23 speaker without the H letter on the grille. Light surface rust on grille. Original cabinet paint has some scrapes and scuffs. Do something about the grille,  shine up the paint and this would be a nice looking speaker for your SX-28 -25 etc. The driver is not original. $55

Hammarlund small speaker. Just when you thought you'd seen all of the Hammarlund speakers, along comes this tiny thing. It has the gray Hammarlund paint scheme, the Hammarlund grille cloth and the Hammarlund speaker shape but it's 7x8x8.5 high. The trim ring has been painted black around the flat outer side. Facing front, the trim ring is the normal Hammarlund dull-silver. The black may be original or may not be. Driver is likely original. No Hammarlund logo plate. No tags. $55

Harvey Wells ATR-3 aircraft receiver with vibrapack. Looks all original including knobs and dial. Should clean up very nice. $60

SCR-274N black radio receiver BC-455-A made by Western Electric under a 1941 contract. The BC-455-A covers 6-9.1mc. All original with original connectors, dynamotor mounts, etc. Has paint and surface corrosion problems. The tube cover is 30% peeled off. But the rest of the paint is much better. The antenna connector has been bent and the aluminum around it will need mild straightening. Missing the crystal. But all tubes are present. No FT-230-A box (see below). Easy clean and restoration. $45

SCR-274N black FT-230-A box that plugs in below the tuning dial on the command set receivers. All original. Some paint peeling. $25

Astatic 10-DA dynamic high-impedance microphone. This is close to NOSB with the instruction sheet. But the box is all beat up and the chrome needs minor polishing (after which it will look near-mint). No stand. But it has the little adapter to fit a regular-screw-thread desk stand. Or skip the adapter and use a G stand that you already have. $40

QST From The 20's and 30's.
1927: 	August. Cover poor. $2
	November. Cover poor. $2
1928:	April. Cover stains. $2
	May. Cover dirty. $2
	June. Cover has stuff stuck to it. $2
	July: Cover stains. Binding edge damage. $2
	August. Cover slightly dirty. $2
	September. Cover slightly dirty. $2
1938:	May. Nice. $2
	July. Paint on cover. $1
	August. Cover poor. $1
	September. Cover poor. $1
	October. Cover poor. $1
	November. Cover poor. $1
1939: 	February. Nice. $2
	May. Nice. $2
	June. No cover. $0.50	
July. Cover spot near top. $1
August. No cover. $0.50
1948-all good-50 cents each
	5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12
1949-all good-complete. $6/year

Off-Topic (Don't look!!)

Ultimate WWII Submarine Book Collection? Is this it? You be the judge. $39 for the whole set including US Media Mail Postage.
1) Silent Victory, by Clay Blair jr., Volumes 1 and 2, hardback with dust jackets. Completely covers the US Submarine War Against Japan.
2) Hitler's U-Boat War, by Clay Blair, Volumes 1 and 2, paperback. Completely covers the submarine war in the Atlantic.
3) Clear The Bridge! By Admiral Richard H. O'Kane, USN, covers the war patrols of the USS Tang as told by her captain. The best submarine book ever. Paperback.
4) Bowfin, by Edwin P Hoyt, The True Story Of A Fabled Fleet Submarine of WWII. Hoyt tells it from the patrol reports of the sub and it's a bit dry at times but warms up as you read on.
5) U-Boat -977 by Heinz Shaeffer (her captain). Famous story of the WWII submarine that "escaped" to Argentina at the end of the war (at the time, some thought Hitler escaped on this sub). Vintage 1952 paperback. Marvelously entertaining throughout.

Thanks for looking.
73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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