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Merz Donald S merz.ds at mellon.com
Sun Jul 2 12:04:34 EDT 2006

For Sale: Boatanchor, Radio and Electronics Literature


Wireless World Magazine, 1971: July, August, September issues in excellent shape. $3/all. This was the UK equivalent of Radio-Electronics Magazine here in the USA.


Texas Instruments, Semiconductor Components Division, Communications Handbook, Parts 1 and 2, 1965, about 400 pages. Contains applications chart for transistors by frequency range, circuit examples, performance charts and an excellent text. 2 paperbacks. Nice. $10


R. Bakish, ed., Electron and Ion Beam Science and Technology, conference proceedings bound in hardback with dust jacket, John Wiley, 1965, 900 pages. More than you ever wanted to know about electron beam physics and applications of concentrated electron beams in industry. Some tube material but not a lot. Book is bent from bad storage. $7


Marcus and Levy, Practical Radio Servicing, Second Ed., 600 page hardback with dust jacket, excellent condition. This is the classic, must-have radio diagnosis and repair text--the best of its kind in the opinion of many who have read it. $20


Milton Kiver, UHF Radio Simplified, Van Nostrand hardback with dust jacket, 1945, 225 pages. Early UHF. $5


William Everitt, ed., Fundamentals of Radio and Electronics, Prentice-Hall hardback with dust jacket, second edition, 1958. The first edition was one of those group efforts (by authors Guy, Jordan, Nelson, Pumphrey and Ryder) that started during WWII to train radio men. Massive numbers were printed. This edition has lots of diagrams, some excellent pictures and many fold-out schematics. 800 pages. It must have cost a fortune to produce, but they spared no expense. The text is excellent with just enough math to get through the theory and heavy on applications and examples with actual equipment circuits. Well done. Nice shape. $10


Melville & Stout, Basic Electrical Measurements, Prentice Hall Electrical Engineering Series, 1950, 550 page hardback. If you want to know the circuits and design principles of all those Leeds and Northrup test equipment and early General Radio bridges, it’s all here with math, circuitry and pictures. The coverage of bridge designs is excriciatingly detailed. Impressive text. Good shape. $10


David and Betty Johnson, Antique Radios, Restoration and Price Guide, 1982, large format paperback, 100 pages. Lots of pictures, Nice. $10


David Ferry, ed., Gallium Arsenide Technology, Volume II, Sams Hardback with dust jacket, 1990, 600 pages. $5


Bill Orr, W6SAI, All About Cubical Quad Antennas, 3rd ed., Radio Publications, 1969. Paperback, 90 pages. $5


Shop Practices AN 169A, Philco-Ford Technical Education Program, 1959, large format paperback, 100 pages, nice shape. Covers using hand tools, soldering and usage of Philco tube tester, VTVM, signal generator and ‘scope, basic troubleshooting. $5




TM 11-2088 Tone Warning Group OA-145/GT original manual, 1950. $6


TM 11-5076 Dynamotor Power Supplies DY-93, DY-98 and DY-100 original manual, 1954. These were for VRC-6 and VRC-19. $8


Navy Training Courses, NAVPERS 10087, Basic Electronics, 1955, 728 pages, paperback. Probably the last of the all-tube training texts. Covers tube theory through RADAR. $7


ZB-3 Manual photocopy. This was the homing receiver adapter used on the ARB receiver and early command set radios. Later replaced by the ARR-2. $5


BC-375-E partial manual copy. $5


MIL-STD-15A, Electrical and Electronic Symbols, 1954, 70 pages. $4




The Radio Amateur’s License Manual, all with yellowed spines: $3 each

            1968, 1970, 1971, 1974, 1975


Hints and Kinks For The Radio Amateur, some have yellowed spines. $5 each

            Vol 5 (1954), Vol 6 (1959), Vol 7 (1965), Vol 8 (1968--2 copies), Vol 9 (1974)


The ARRL Antenna Book, 9th ed., 1960, good shape. $5


The Mobile Manual For Radio Amateurs, 1st ed (1955). $5


Single Sideband For the Radio Amateur. 2nd ed., ratty covers, 1958. $1

Single Sideband For the Radio Amateur, 4th ed., 1963. Nice. $5

Single Sideband For The radio Amateur, 5th ed., 1970. Nice. $5


Radio Amateur’s Handbook, 1970, 47th ed. Spine tellowed. Otherwise good. $5


Thanks for looking.

73, Don Merz, N3RHT
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