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Bob Bruhns bbruhns at erols.com
Mon Jul 3 12:58:05 EDT 2006

I still like PhotoDeluxe (by Adobe), and V1.0 was the easiest to
use.  The other versions did not seem to be much different, except
it was harder to get to the functions.

But PD is discontinued, it doesn't work right in Windows 2000 or
XP, and it always had trick bugs that could wreck the image.  So I
save frequently, with incrementing names (file, file1, file1a,
file2, etc).  If PD chews up one copy, I pull the last version and
patch the bad area in the newer file with that. I tolerate the
issues because PD has a really great pixel editor, and great
layering capability.  Now and then it will eat your work, but if
you save frequently you'll be OK.   The most irritating thing is
that at lower magnifications, the displayed image gets all broken
up in Windows 2000.  You have to magnify to about 600% to get away
from that, and even then the bottom of the image gets screwy.  (I
flip the image upside down to deal with the bottom.)  I put up with
a lot of issues, because of the cool image editing in this old
program.  It came with my first digital camera back in 1998.

All PD functions worked in Win95, the "Glass Lens" effect didn't
work in Win98 or afterward, and the displayed image gets messed up
in Win 2000 and XP.  Also, PD has no "gamma" adjust, so I use
Irfanview for that.  PD can't read 256 level monochrome jpg files,
so I convert those to tif files with Irfanview, and then operate on
the tif file with PD.

  Bacon, WA3WDR

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> Good morning and Happy Fourth to all...
> I have a Sarnoff copy of a BTA-1R2 manual that is an excellent
> reproduction.  However, a copy is only as good as it's master and
> master obviously had a few issues with the schematic.  My
question is,
> does anyone know of the best software to use to correct the small
> smudges, hand written notes and crease lines?  I'd like to have a
> clean copy to take to Kinko's and get a large blow up made that I
> mount on a cork board near the 1R2 while I'm working on it.  My
eyes are
> not what they once were and even with glasses I still find myself
> reaching for the magnifying glass or looking through the round
> magnifying work light to see the fine print.  Gettin' old ain't
fun, but
> it beats the alternative!  I thought about white out, but it's
> destructive and my hand is not that steady anymore.  Besides, I
need a
> way to reconstruct the areas that have been over written or
> Any advice?
> Thanks,
> Rick/K5IZ
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