[AMRadio] Stuff for sale...update.

W1EOF w1eof at hamnutz.com
Mon Jul 3 23:52:45 EDT 2006

Brett -

FWIW you CAN sell it to another licensed ham. The buyer is responsible to
ensure that
it meets emission standards, etc. A few years ago I put a CB style amp on
eBay. I made
it clear in the auction listing that the buyer had to prove to me he was a
ham, and that he was responsible to make sure it met specs. I even suggested
that he
build a filter for the output and not over-drive it and it would be fine.

Anyway I get an email from a guy telling me I'm violating the FCC rules. I
tried to
explain to him that since I'm not a company producing amps, it's very
similar to me
selling him a heatsink, some toriods and a few transistors. It's HIS
That's why we're SUPPOSED to know what we are doing when we build, repair,
and operate
our radios. Anyway... To make an agonizingly long story short, after many
back and
forths with him and several past and current FCC employees it turned out I
correct. He sent me a final email saying I was correct but then called me
some nasty

All that said I would probably agree that it's best to keep it off of eBay
since they
don't have the expertiser to determine what's legal and what is not. So they
might let
it go sailing through, or they might take it down and give you grief.


Mark W1EOF

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> > Galaxy DX99v, 15 watt am cb/10 meter mobile, does AM, ssb, fm,
> > has freq readout along with channel numbers, and other CB
> > stuff, $200.00.
> Cant list this on ebay, FCC does not allow it to be resold!

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