[AMRadio] Stuff for sale...update.

Brett gazdzinski brett.gazdzinski at verizonbusiness.com
Tue Jul 4 09:06:50 EDT 2006

Ebay (and the FCC I guess) wont allow this particular model
to be listed or sold/resold.

It seems there is an entire underground CB thing going on,
slightly disguised as 10 meter rigs...

I thought it could be sold as a 10 meter rig, but they will not
allow it listed at all.

It seems like a nice radio (for CB), if a xtal is changed,
it would cover CB and most of the 10 meter phone band.

I like the nasa style unkey beep...


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> Brett -
> FWIW you CAN sell it to another licensed ham. The buyer is 
> responsible to
> ensure that
> it meets emission standards, etc. A few years ago I put a CB 
> style amp on
> eBay. I made
> it clear in the auction listing that the buyer had to prove 
> to me he was a
> licensed
> ham, and that he was responsible to make sure it met specs. I 
> even suggested
> that he
> build a filter for the output and not over-drive it and it 
> would be fine.
> Anyway I get an email from a guy telling me I'm violating the 
> FCC rules. I
> tried to
> explain to him that since I'm not a company producing amps, it's very
> similar to me
> selling him a heatsink, some toriods and a few transistors. It's HIS
> responsibility.
> That's why we're SUPPOSED to know what we are doing when we 
> build, repair,
> and operate
> our radios. Anyway... To make an agonizingly long story 
> short, after many
> back and
> forths with him and several past and current FCC employees it 
> turned out I
> was
> correct. He sent me a final email saying I was correct but 
> then called me
> some nasty
> names.
> All that said I would probably agree that it's best to keep 
> it off of eBay
> since they
> don't have the expertiser to determine what's legal and what 
> is not. So they
> might let
> it go sailing through, or they might take it down and give you grief.
> 73,
> Mark W1EOF

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