[AMRadio] Hammarlund Four-11 info needed

RJ Mattson rjmattson at hvi.net
Tue Jul 4 10:22:07 EDT 2006

Hi Bill
I'll send the Four11 schematic again.
The spam eaters must have got it.
I'm looking for a Hammarlund ED-4 xmtr schematic.

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I have a Hammarlund Four-11 modulator (1947) that I plan to use with a Utah
UAT-1 transmitter that I am rebuilding.
Have searched for a diagram in the usual places (Bama, ER), but so far no
luck. Either I missed it, or it is so unusual that no one has listed it yet.

Does anyone have a schematic/manual that they can scan and email to me?
Would be very helpful, as with something this old and with mods, it is sorta
difficult to trace it out.

Many thanks for reading this, and for whatever you can do.

Bill Fizette  w2dgb

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