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Thu Jul 6 18:08:06 EDT 2006

Sorry, fellas.   Old age here in the cranial department.   It is an Eldico SSB-1000.   Not 2000.   That is the year it seems my brain is in presently.   HI

Moved into a new shack out in the back yard and trying to get everything set up after 30 years in the old shack in the garage.   Whew, the stuff I kept over the years.   I just may sell both the Thunderbolt and Eldico in the near future and lighten up a bit.

txn fer the comments es 73 de w4rl robert

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> Subject: [AMRadio] (no subject)
> Need some advice.
> I have a 32V-2 paired with an A-4 and wish to drive (AM mode) either a Johnson Thunderbolt or Eldico SSB-2000 that I have.   Which one would you use and if you don't mind, why.
> Thanks 
> Robert   WPE4FGR   W4RL  Pensacola Fl
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